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Alternate Tow Hook Decal

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Alternate Tow Hooks Decal

These are slightly smaller and still very visible Tow Hook Decals. They look cool and will bring your car up to competition level spec. If you track your Subaru, this Red decal could save you thousands in repair bills by preventing you from being towed from the wrong point on your vehicle. These tow hook decals are made out of premium vinyl and are meant to last. These decal are 5" Tall by 3" Wide for the Left or Right text facing or 3" Tall by 5" Wide for the Up or Down text facing. This decal is an excellent size for placing it on your front or rear bumper of your prized Subie. These cut Vinyl decals can be safely placed on paint. Everyone needs a tow hook decal!!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review