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Yosemite Half Dome Steering Wheel Emblem Overlay

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Product Overview

Yosemite Half dome Star Steering Wheel Emblem Overlay

This high grade multi-layered vinyl is perfect for application to your SUBARU, it's a Steering wheel emblem overlay with 3D Carbon Fiber or Matte Black vinyl background & colored design with air release adhesive backing. Rated for long outdoor UV exposure these will last for years in direct sunlight.

Select if you want a Border, what Background color Carbon Fiber or Matte Black, Accent Color of Design and SUBARU Year / Model.

Certain vehicle models have round steering wheel emblems or do not have steering wheel or rear emblems, the price should reduce for those vehicles that don't have rear emblems and you shouldn't purchase a steering wheel emblem if your older Subaru doesn't have one,



(No reviews yet) Write a Review