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Blank & Tint Front & Rear Emblem Overlays

Emblem Overlays

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Product Overview

Blank & Tint effect Subaru Emblem Overlays

This high grade vinyl is perfect for application to your SUBARU, it's a blank or tint depending on which material you select Front & Rear emblem overlay set with air release adhesive backing. Rated for long outdoor UV exposure these will last for years in direct sunlight. Why blank emblems covers? We don't know, but people asked for them.

These are solid blank overlays with no designs. There is also a smoked tint option that can be used to tint your emblems.

For tint, select the smoked translucent vinyl. These tinted vinyl are to be installed wet, all other vinyls with air release are to be installed dry.

*These do not cover the chrome bezel ring, only the stars and blue oval. 

Select what vinyl and SUBARU Year / Model.

Certain vehicle models have round steering wheel emblems or do not have steering wheel or rear emblems, the price should reduce for those vehicles that don't have rear emblems and you shouldn't purchase a steering wheel emblem if your older Subaru doesn't have one.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review