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Vinyl Decal Installation

1. Ambient air and surface temperature where you're installing should be between 60°F (16°C) to 90°F (32°C) 

2. Wash your hands to remove oils that may transfer to vinyl. pro tip: Use a small amount of dish soap

3. Clean the area where the decal is to be applied with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and a clean microfiber cloth or terry cotton towel to remove all wax, RainX, dirt and oils. Then dry the area thoroughly. Note: Alcohol will cool the surface a little from evaporation, make sure the temp is within tolerance.

4. Measure or position the vinyl for placement. You can use painters tape to hold the decal to create a boundary of where to apply or to hinge the decal.

5. Make sure the decal is applied well to the transfer tape by applying pressure with a squeegee or plastic card.

6. Remove the backing paper carefully, making sure that all parts of the decal have been stuck to the transfer tape. If not re-apply the transfer tape and use pressure with a squeegee to get the transfer tape to stick to the decal fully.

6a. *Optional step for decals that require intricate exact placement. Mix water into an 8 ounce spray bottle with 1 drop of dish soap. Spray the area to be applied and the sticky side of the decal, once the backing paper is removed. Apply, position and align the decal to where it is to be placed. Go to step 7a.

7. Apply the decal using a squeegee to push out air and stick the decal fully to the surface from the center out.

7a. *Apply the decal using a squeegee to push out air and water solution to stick the decal fully to the surface from the center out. Let dry before removing transfer tape.

8. Remove the transfer tape by lifting and folding the sticky side up on a corner of the tape. Pull and slide the tape slowly at 180° to remove the tape. The tape should be flat when pulling.

9. If some small bubbles remain leave them to temp cycle a few days as vinyl is porous and may vent the trapped air naturally. 


Vinyl Decal Care & Removal

1. Do not scrub vinyl decals or pressure wash, clean gently.

2. Heat will have to applied for removal if the decal has been on the surface for 6 months or more.

3. Storage, vinyl will sometimes fuse to the backing paper if not used after a few months of receiving the decal. Also, try not to store decals with transfer tape in direct sunlight as the tape will bubble and make it more difficult to install until cooled down.

4. Minor scratches on gloss vinyl can be "healed" with the application of heat from a heat gun or putting the vehicle in the sun. Matte vinyl can also be "healed" but you need to be very careful with using a heat gun (Around 200°F, 93°C), as too much heat with take away the matte finish of the vinyl. Always keep the heat gun moving and keep it at least 6 inches away from the vinyl.