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Emblem Overlay Installation

Our emblem overlays are multi-layered vinyl overlays, where the base layers are made from premium cast vinyl with air release technology that is to be applied dry. They also can be repositioned as long as pressure hasn't been applied. They also have shape memory if stretched and can return to shape with heat. These overlays are designed to fit precisely over your existing vehicle emblems, there should be no stretch required. If your overlay does not fit, something is wrong, please contact us. Our overlays last 3-7 years in sunlight, rain, wind and snow. We've tested them by going through multiple car washes and heavy rain at 75 MPH sustained for at least 5 Hours. No lifting occurred. 

1. Ambient and surface temperature where you're installing should be between 60°F (16°C) to 90°F (32°C)

2. Wash hands to remove oils that may transfer to vinyl.  pro tip: Use a small amount of dish soap

3. Clean the area where the overlay is to be applied with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and a clean microfiber cloth or 100% terry cotton towel to remove all wax, RainX, dirt and oils. You can also use the included alcohol prep pad. Dry the area thoroughly. Note: Alcohol will cool the surface a little from evaporation, make sure the temp is within tolerance. If you have an existing emblem overlay already on your vehicle's emblem, remove it and perform the cleaning step outlined above.

4. Peel of the backing paper and position the vinyl for placement in the center of the Emblem.

5. Carefully Press and smooth the vinyl with a felt squeegee or microfiber covered squeegee from the center out. Take care not to move or damage the design layered on to the base vinyl. You can use your hands as well.

6. Air should be easily removed due to the air channels in the adhesive. If some small bubbles remain leave them to temp cycle a few days as vinyl is porous and may vent the trapped air naturally.

7. Post heating can be done with a heat gun to lock the edges of the overlay, however not usually necessary and should really only be attempted by professionals or people confident in what they are doing. Putting the vehicle in direct sunlight after installation typically has the same effect. 


Emblem Overlay Care & Removal

1. Do not scrub emblem overlays or pressure wash, clean gently. Take extra care with emblem overlays that have detailed multilayered designs.

2. Heat will have to applied for removal if the decal has been on the surface for 6 months or more.

3. Minor scratches on gloss vinyl can be "healed" with the application of heat from a heat gun or putting the vehicle in the sun. Matte vinyl can also be "healed" but you need to be very careful with using a heat gun (Around 200°F, 93°C), as too much heat with take away the matte finish of the vinyl. Always keep the heat gun moving and keep it at least 6 inches away from the vinyl.


Tips & Tricks

1. Apply vinyl in the shade, the sun can heat things up very fast and cause vinyl to soften too much and cause stretching.   

2. Save your backing paper in a clean place, silicone side up (the side the emblem overlay came on) just in case you accidentally stretch your emblem too much when positioning. You can then put your emblem overlay back on the backing paper and carefully heat it up with a heat gun to return it back to it's original shape. Let it fully cool and then try applying again.

3. Don't apply when it's too cold or your vinyl adhesive will freeze and not stick.

4. If it is winter and cold, you can use a heat gun to apply heat to the surface of the emblem and vinyl to apply it, but you better be skilled in doing so. Or wait until a warmer day within 60°F (16°C) to 90°F (32°C)