COVID-19 & International Shipping Update - 7/4/20

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With the current COVID-19 / Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, we are still fully operational.

However, our lead times may be increased due to suppliers taking longer to ship / increased shipping times for certain speciality materials or us having to find and use different material suppliers, as our normal sources are completely shutdown.

We're also trying to combine order shipment drop off / pick up, to lesson our exposure risks.

With that in mind, please be patient, your order may take 1-2 working days longer than our typical 1-3 day processing time, but we are still striving to meet that 1-3 day goal whenever possible.

International orders appear to be leaving the U.S. but are getting stuck somewhere in between the destination country / inbound customs. Orders shipped 3/25 still have not entered the destination country. 

Orders to Canada are taking about 2 weeks of transit time. However, some are now experiencing severe delays at Customs.

If your order is taking longer than 5 days to ship, your order has been impacted by a material shortage, this is very rare as we have mitigated most material shortages.

If your order is in transit and shows movement via the tracking number.  It is completely out of our hands and you are at the mercy of the Postal system and or Customs. If your package is taking abnormally long please consult your local post office.

USPS has announced shipping delays 

In the event of USPS shuts down later this year, we do have other shipping options, but they will cost more.

Stay Healthy Subie Fam,

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