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LGBTQ+ Pride Flags Emblem Overlays

Emblem Overlays

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Product Overview

LGBTQ+ Pride Flags Emblem Overlays

This high grade UV ink printed vinyl with gloss UV laminate is perfect for application to your SUBARU, it's a vinyl emblem overlay set with a printed design. The vinyl has air release adhesive backing for easy dry installation. Rated for long outdoor exposure these will last for years in direct sunlight.

Select Printed Design if you want one on top of the background. Then select the color of the Printed Design.

If you want just the background, Select No Design Background Only, for Design and Color selections.

If the selected design color doesn't show with the background colors, we'll add a white or black outline to the design. For example, black stars on a black background will not show the design. The same goes for any color that matches the background colors that the design goes over.

Outline Designs are just an outline of the design and are not filled with a design color so the background shows through. The design color you select determines the color of the line, make sure you do not select a color that is the same as the background colors, as we can't add a separate color to make outline designs visible.   

Pride Flags available:

 Progressive Pride Flag Progressive Rainbow Rainbow Flag Rainbow Phildelphia People of Color Pride Flag Philadelphia POC Rainbow Lesbian Flag Lesbian Gay men flag Gay men Bisexual Flag Bisexual Trans Flag Transgender  Agender Flag Agender Aromatic Flag Aromantic Asexual Flag Asexual Bigender Flag Bigender 

Demisexual Flag Demisexual Genderfluid flag Genderfluid Genderqueer Flag Genderqueer Intersex Flag Intersex  Non-binary Flag Non-binary Pansexual Flag Pansexual Polysexual Flag Polysexual 

Did we miss a flag and want to have it added? Let us know! 

Specialty Colors that have +$ after cost additional and these color selections are cut vinyl and DO NOT apply to Key Fob emblems or Outline Designs. You will get design that matches as best as possible, unless directed otherwise.

Certain older SUBARU vehicle models have round steering wheel emblems or do not have steering wheel or rear emblems, please select Emblem Types accordingly.

If you have a swapped steering wheel etc. you can order the correct one individually.

Wheel center cap emblem overlayscome in a set of (4) and are round not oval and require smooth center caps for proper installation. If you're ordering wheel center caps or a set with them, select what size, if you're not ordering them, select None.


  • Emblem Overlay(s) based on your emblem type selection
  • Alcohol prep pad(s) for final cleaning of the surface you're applying to.


Install instructions are located HERE




(No reviews yet) Write a Review