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Multi-Color Rally Pigs

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Product Overview

Multi-Color Rally Pig Sticker Decal

This is a multi-layered vinyl decal that is closer to the original look of the rally pig that first debuted on the SUBARU WRC Rally car in Japan, which featured a black pig with white eyes and a white outline on the side mirrors.

The decal is 2-3 colors depending on the type you choose. These are not cheap printed stickers that will fade they are solid vinyl decals that will last 5-7 years in direct UV light.

Regular size measures ~4" wide by just over ~4" tall. 
Mini size measures ~3" wide by ~3" Tall.

Crosswrench pigs: 6" wide by 3.7" tall & 5" wide by 3" tall. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review