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Snoobaru Head

Stickers - Decals

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Snoobaru Head- Subie Alien (aka. Snoobaru (or Snubaru) from Reddit Sticker Decal

This alien was sent her to destroy zombies and it provides the ultimate defense during a Zombie Apocalypse when properly displayed on your vehicle, garage or office wall. 

A study published in the New England Journal of Science & Medicine found that Snoobarus created a legitimate fear in zombies. Scientists discovered that a chemical is produced in the brains of zombies when they see a Snoobaru, causing the zombies to stop and retreat.

Stick one on your Subie, laptop, house, or in your garage to keep you, your friends, and loved ones safe in the next Zombie Apocalypse.

Looking for the full bodied Snoobaru it's HERE

Custom Sizes (width x height):

4" x 3.3"
6" x 5"
9" x 7.5"
12" x 10"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review