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State Flag Front & Rear Emblem Overlays

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Product Overview

State Flag Front & Rear Emblem Overlays

This high grade UV ink printed vinyl with gloss UV laminate is perfect for application to your SUBARU, it's a Front & Rear emblem overlay set with a printed design. The vinyl still has air release adhesive backing for easy dry installation. Rated for long outdoor UV exposure these will last for years in direct sunlight.

Select what Background Design, Printed Design, Accent Color of Printed Design and SUBARU Year / Model.

Colors are printed and can be any color CMYK + LC & LM combination or Pantone, let us know if you want more color options or a specific color.

No matte or specialty vinyl layering currently available. All 50 state available: 

 Alabama  Alaska  Arizona  Arkansas  California  Colorado  Connecticut  Delaware  Florida  Georgia  Hawaii  Idaho
 Illinois  Indiana  Iowa  Kansas  Kentucky  Louisiana  Maine  Maryland  Massachusetts  Michigan  Minnesota  Mississippi
 Missouri  Montana  Nebraska  Nevada  New Hampshire  New Jersey  New Mexico  New York  North Carolina  North Dakota
 Ohio  Oklahoma  Oregon  Pennsylvania  Rhode Island  South Carolina  South Dakota  Tennessee  Texas  Utah  Vermont
 Virginia  Washington  West Virginia  Wisconsin  Wyoming

Certain vehicle models have round steering wheel emblems or do not have steering wheel or rear emblems, the price should reduce for those vehicles that don't have rear emblems and you shouldn't purchase a steering wheel emblem if your older Subaru doesn't have one.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review